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We help provide technical assistance with your community-based project.  We help you prepare for the challenges, navigate the process, and manage your projects after acquisition.  We can also help organizations re-evaluate and prepare if they were not awarded.

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Types of Technical Assistance

Pre-App ETA
Applicants receive an in-depth review of their draft application prior to being submitted to ANA. Pre-Application eTA is provided throughout the year; however, Pre-Application eTA is concentrated around application due date periods. To ensure adequate time to review your project, please request eTA as soon as possible. For Pre-Application eTA, ANA requires that the application is at least 75% complete.The ANA Alaska Region T/TA Center can provide up to 16 hours of application review per program application.

Priority for Pre-App eTA is provided on a first come, first serve basis to applicants who submit their 75% complete application documents.
Unfunded Technical Assistance
Unfunded Technical Assistance is provided to an unfunded applicants by strategizing ways to improve the application or project concept for resubmission.
Post-Award Technical Assistance
Post Award on-site TA is provided at the grantee’s project site and involves a thorough review of the project challenges and the provision of guidance and recommendations for successful project completion.Please notify your Program Specialist and/or the Alaska Region T/TA Manager if you need on-site technical assistance.

We provide eTA to ANA grantees upon request from ANA by providing assistance on currently funded social, economic, environmental, and language preservation projects. This type of eTA may include the development of a Project Improvement Plan.
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