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Angela Camos

Regional Director

Angela has lived in Alaska for over 30 years working with culturally diverse urban and rural groups. She has 25+ years experience in budgeting and compliance; writing, reviewing and managing grants; program, and project development; as well as process and project implementation. Angela has coached small businesses to improve their operations, individuals for professional development, and teams to strengthen their cohesiveness as well as processes. She is driven from an inner passion to create sustainable workplaces and communities.

Larry Kairaiuak

Technical Assistance Manager

Larry is Yup’ik and grew up in the village of Chefornak. He has worked in public health settings for over 16 years, both in the private sector and state government in grant management, public policy, cultural and educational programs, and capacity-building assistance programs. Larry has worked for federally-funded programs, facilitated mobilizing and collaborative initiatives for groups, coalitions, enhancing state, federal and tribal relations, and advocacy to ensure equity for tribal and communities of color in state and federal programs.

Eric Watson

Training Manager

Eric is Inupiaq, Athabascan, and a lifelong Alaskan. He has worked in and with Tribes and Tribal organizations for 20 years, with experience in community assessments, workforce development and behavioral health. His professional strengths include group facilitation, communications, grant writing/management, partnership development and capacity building. Eric has a passion for supporting communities to fully realize their potential.

Cassidy Blankenship

Communication Specialist

Cassidy has lived in Alaska for 15 years. She has a diverse background in communications and outreach gained from her work from industries such as tourism, event management, and aviation. She is passionate about helping her fellow Alaskans thrive through creating educational and engaging design.

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