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A perched snowy owlA perched snowy owlA perched snowy owl
— Tanana Athabascan
Nakhwal'in shoo ihłii
— Gwitch’in Athabascan
Sán uu dáng giidang?
— Haida
— Inupiaq
Dzaanh nezoonh
— Koyukon Athabascan
— Sugpiaq & Yup’ik / Cup’ik
— Unangam Tunuu

The Alaska Region TTA Center, works to strengthen the capacity of Native organizations in Alaska to develop, apply for, and manage community-based projects that increase self-sufficiency and achieve ANA’s vision that “Native Communities are Thriving.”

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Fairbanks, AK
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Technical Assistance

We provide free individualized assistance to any prospective ANA applicants and will continue to support you until the project is successfully completed.

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We provide various free virtual and in-person trainings along with small virtual clinics throughout the year.

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Jun 5, 2024

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