Congratulations to Our Newest Grant Recipients!

November 22, 2022
Chugach Regional Resources Commission

Transferring Environmental DNA methods to the Alutiiq Pride Marine Institute (APMI) Laboratory to support the Chugach Regional Ocean Monitoring Program (CROM)

Claire Swan Early Learning Center [Cook Inlet Tribal Council]

Yugtun Language Nest Enhancement

Ilisagvik College

Napaġiaq: Supporting Workforce, Social, and Youth Development on the North Slope of Alaska at Iḷisaġvik College

Alaska Native Heritage Center

Tin Hoozoonh - Alaska Native Heritage Center Apprenticeship Program

Southcentral Foundation

Ch'aqiniya Network

Central Council of Tlingit & Haida Indians of Alaska

Haa Yátx’i Ée Dultóow Sgóon Jishagóoni

Kawerak, Incorporated

Inupiaq Language and Culture Revitalization: Early Language Immersion

Pribilof Islands Aleut Community of St. Paul Island

Strengthening Food Security through Enhancing Local Growing on St. Paul Island

OPT-In Kiana

OPT-In Kiana Governance, Sustainability and Marketing and Outreach

Chilkoot Indian Association

Tricky Raven Initiative

Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association

Lower Yukon Youth Agriculture Project

Qutekcak Native Tribe

Updating Technology Infrastructure at the QNT Tribal Office

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