New Login Process for E-Biz POC

January 27, 2023

Starting January 21, 2023, EBiz POCs (Electronic Business Points of Contact) will no longer log in to using their organization’s Unique Entity Identifier (UEI). Instead, users will be recognized as the EBiz POC for an organization when logging into through, as long as:

  • The email address on their account matches the email address for the EBiz POC for the organization at and,
  • Their account has a profile with a UEI that matches the information in

EBiz POCs who do not already have an applicant account with the Expanded AOR role on a profile for the organization will need to take one of the following actions if they wish to continue setting user roles, privileges, and/or settings for the organization:

  • Create a new account using the EBiz POC email address in and an Organization Applicant profile for the UEI.
  • Change the email address in or on a previously created account so the email address and profile for the UEI match the information in

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